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I'm Alyssa

I am a freelance Motion Graphics and Graphic Designer born and raised in Massachusetts. I'm a passionate designer and animator experienced in illustration, with a keen focus on branding and typography. 

 I am inspired by the everyday design that surrounds us. The little things may not seem important but some artist out there put effort into making it beautiful making it stand out. In particular, I have a passion for typography which always seems to say more than the contents of its letters.

Beyond the world of art, you'll find me immersed in nature, surrounded by a jungle of houseplants that have overtaken my living space. I often find myself embarking on adventures, whether it's a walk through the woods or through the pages of a book, even exploring on my own in the city, I let my curiosity guide me. And of course, I'm always accompanied by my incredibly needy... I mean loving, Siamese cat, who does his best to help with every project.


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