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Celebration of SCAD 20th Aniversary in Lacoste

Over the course of three short weeks in June 2022, I had the incredible opportunity to return to SCAD’s Lacoste campus, to develop the installations featured in SCAD Lacoste’s 20th Anniversary Celebration: Les Nocturnes. I worked alongside a small group of my peers to create projection visuals inspired by the beauty of Provence. All of my designs were taken directly as a product of my environment, featuring photographed architecture from around the village, pressed flowers I collected from the nature surrounding us that I later scanned in, and short video clips that provided a sample of my life during those three weeks. 

We worked straight through each day, either exploring the campus to gather our assets or held up together, refining our designs. At night, we did not stop but instead worked under our professors John Colette and Mat Van Rys’s guidance to test and plan out each of the four installations scattered throughout the village.

Raw Videos

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