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Mass Audubon Infographic Design:
Why You Should Care About Horseshoe Crabs

Environmentalism has long held a place close to my heart, making the opportunity to contribute to Mass Audubon's initiatives a truly exciting prospect. Working with Black Kettle Films, who had already produced an amazing documentary short about the Red Knot Migration, I was tasked with creating an informative infographic illustrating the flight path of these captivating endangered shorebirds.


Adhering to Mass Audubon branding guidelines, I developed assets tailored for animation, including a new icon representing the Red Knot in their distinctive style. The infographic, meticulously designed for both standard and social media formats, serves as a visual testament to the bird's remarkable journey.

Building on the success of our collaboration on the Red Knot Migration project, I was honored to be approached once more, this time to lend my expertise to a video highlighting Mass Audubon's early careers program. Partnering once again with Black Kettle Films, who provided the videography, we explored minimalistic type treatments, ensuring information was clearly conveyed while developing a refined and polished aesthetic, perfectly complementing the serene visuals provided by the videography team.

(full video yet to be released)

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