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Brand and Package Design

Asteria Gin is a conceptu packaging design project for a new gin company looking to rebrand gin’s image, modernizing it for those current or have recently come of age.

The Concept

Gin is a drink that most people associate with their parents or grandparents. It is outdated and many people even bartenders do not quite understand the appeal, yet it is still the world's most popular liquor and for good reason, it simply does not deserve that. Asteria Gin seeks to change that, with their brand geared towards those coming of age and provide to them an experience where they can determine who they are, and what their gin says about them.

 Leaning into the mystique that has always surrounded gin; Asteria Gin embraces the concept of balance and personality seeking to aid its patrons in discovering their signature cocktail. With its diversity, anyone can find a gin drink they like. Asteria takes the approach that your cocktail tells as much about you as your Zodiac sign or even a tarot reading, catering to a new age “religion” approach to self-care. More than just a final brand design, heaven, and earth seeking to create a special release design for their initial customers aimed at leading people to discover new ways to drink gin and promoting the idea that gin is not just for your parents. 

Asteria Gin Lable Design

Promotional Package

As part of the launch for Asteria Gin, the promotional package was made. This was designed to resemble a self care box which would include one bottle of their flagship botanical gin, as well as some extra goodies. With the whole design centered around astrology, the brand promotes taking time for yourself and starting your journey on self discovery, that being a simple as discovering what your personal tastes are.

 The care package was designed to lead you on this journey, guiding but allowing you to uncover your own path. This included a starter set for cocktail recipes (seen below) as suggested cocktails to match your personality. this also included a book about the drinking enjoying an infusing of your own gin, allowing you to learn more and experiment further.

Promotional Package

Cocktails and Tarot

With astrology, in mind, the cocktail cards were designed to be personalized towards the Zodiac signs. Taking visual inspiration from tarot cards; the recipes make up a deck of 12 different and unique cocktails. Each one is illustrated and personalized towards the perceived traits of each Zodiac sign including the suggested cocktail.

Cocktails and Tarot

Learning How to Drink

Finally the book was designed in in order to educate people so they can more richly investigate the flavor profile. It covers the basics of gin, what it is how it's made, and goes further into experimenting with building your own flavor profiles. the short book concludes suggestions on how to become a gin drinker, how experts suggest you get the full experience.

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Learn How to Drink
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