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John Carpenter's


Title Redesign


Halloween Title Redesign (unofficial)

I am a big fan of Halloween, both the movie and the holiday, however the titles, although iconic, could have had more fun with the themes of the film. 

In mocking up a redesign for the film, the primary goal was to create a sense of foreboding that matched the theme music and tone of the film. When discussing the making of the movie they described setting up each scene as if they were stretching a rubber band, seeing how far they could stretch out the suspense before it snapped.


This design combines that with the eventual paranoia of seeing “the shape / the void,” as Micehal Myers is referred to during most of the film (and during production) in every shadow. This plays off of another technique they employed: setting up scenes as if your eyes were barely getting used to the dark when you finally catch a bit of movement, but in the next second, it is gone. 

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