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Made by Things: Background Illustrator  

During my time interning at Made by Things, I had the opportunity to aid in the asset development and illustrate for their new branding film for Provide. 


Provide is a funding platform for doctors looking to finance, build, or buy a practice of their own. Provide works in many areas of the funding journey for doctors, giving them the financial resources they need to succeed.


The goal of each film was to bring to life the stories of those Provide aims to help, not only making people aware of their services but to spark their dreams and show them how they are achievable. This film would help start the relationship with their audience without being boring or cliche. It would tell a story of the Provide journey through the eyes of one of their partners. It would showcase moments of struggle and success to create a more emotional story that Provide’s audience can connect with. 

Made by Things showcased two different films, one following a dentist and the other a veterinarian. I joined as an illustrator on the second project. 


I was tasked with creating explorative asset development. We were telling a story and we needed to envision what that story looked like. We already had a developed style from the first video that utilized minimalist wireframe illustrations in the background and more detailed figures and forefront objects. What was needed was to imagine each scene and match it to the established style. 


I was focused on designing the background illustrations and foreground assets, working with Melissa Lee Johnson who specialized in character illustrations.

check out the full project details at

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