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Mother Nature's Children's Book for Adults


Environmental Campaign 

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The national parks are more popular than ever before, but that is both a good and a bad thing. In this day and age everyone has heard the phrase “leave no trace,” but despite the constant reminders, people still seem to feel they are the exception. This impacts parks that are already struggling to balance accessibility, wanting everyone to have the chance to experience the natural wonders, with protecting the environment from the damage we cause.

It’s a perpetual cycle; we need access to care, but our access threatens the environment. People need to learn respect for the environment, that just because it is public does not mean you can do whatever you want because if there is no one to catch you it doesn’t matter. Besides the perpetual minor damages to trails; during the governmental lockdown pre-pandemic, Joshua Tree was devastatingly vandalized, with many of its endangered trees brutally damaged or cut down. In other examples Arches, National Park must regularly combat graffiti and other damages to the arches. With the intentional devastation on top of the other issues the parks currently face; we have reached a point where leave no trace is no longer enough.

This campaign was imagined as a response and call to action against such damages. When it comes to taking care of Mother Nature, we are acting worse than children. Every first grader nose you're not supposed to litter yet we do; we go where we're not supposed to, and don't care when we break or harm the environment. This campaign takes the approach of giving Mother Nature of voice, and she is fed up. Since we are acting like children, the campaign treats us as such.

Book Campaign

The first step of the campaign was the book launch. It was designed to be friendly and welcoming contrasting the language which pulls no punches. Not only was its friendly, illustrative design meant to reflect the campaign's message of "treat them like children," but was meant to appeal to the target audience of young adults, particularly those with young children who are looking to set an example. The contents are designed to mimic a workbook; first delivering content and then giving you a space to fill in and reflect on what you have learned about. This was done not only in hopes of knowledge retention but to allow the reader to reflect back on what they learned and hopefully begin caring about their actions. The final section of the book allows for the reader to create a personal commitment, that they will aspire to be conscious of how their actions impact the environment.


Social Campaign

In recent years the national parks have been one of the biggest trendy backdrops for social media posts. This leads to a sudden influx of visitors several of whom are just looking to take the perfect picture to post on the gram. So why not take advantage of the national parks popularity online? In line with the campaign branding, the social media response is designed to be clear and to the point. on social media, nobody takes the time to read a lengthy caption, and an image only holds someone's attention for so long. The social media campaign is designed to create buzz around the book which is the real showpiece, while still shouting its message and grabbing new attention.

Book Campaign
Social Campaign
Poster Campaign
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Poster Campaign

The final stage of the campaign is to publicize it out in the open. The poster campaign is cute but harsh, it calls attention to itself with bold typography and playful colors. It is designed to be taken in, in a moment As a reminder of what we need to work on daily. Just because you're in the city now does it mean that your plastic bag won't someday make it to a park or ocean. This is a daily effort we must put in and it's time for us to live up to our responsibilities. This is a task each one of us must undertake, and if we can learn to respect Mother Nature maybe our future will look a little brighter.

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