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The Depth of Creativety


The Scad Fashion Show Experience 2021

When the pandemic hit the world had to adapt and grow. This started with many events getting canceled, some were still held socially distanced, and many were changed to online. While the SCAD Film Festival was canceled, the Fashion Show plays a crucial part in exhibiting graduating designers. The show needed to adapt.

So where do ideas come from? We take inspiration and information from everything surrounding us and store it away for later. For SCADs 2021 Fashion Show, invites you to get lost with us in the recesses our imagination, first entering the secluded Fairyland and diving in through the tree of life. Here we meet our spirit, a wisp leading you further within your imagination, starting you on a Space Odyssey leading become lost in each realm of thought. Abstracting further, you find yourself in Shape of Things to Come, and then into the staggering world of the Black and White Ball, immersing ourselves further into the realm of creation. Our guiding friend leads us through to Color Your World, and eventually pulls out of the depths of our imagination. From our journey, we discover all we have imagined within has been brought forth pulled into creation through our ingenuity.


Diving in

As part of a team endeavor, we lay the groundwork for this virtual experience, creating the narrative that would transport you into the creative minds of the designers and showcasing their work.  This included everything from conceptualization, narrative, and storyboards, asset creation, lighting, and motion tests as well as working collaboratively with the sound design team.

The Showcase was broken up into 5 segments, each with their own personal and unique design. We used the concept of Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of life to represent the interconnectedness between each realm. In the mythology it is the tree that binds heaven to earth and even hell; similarly, each realm or creative source is wildly different from the last but they are all bound but the same creative mind. While there was cross-collaboration in the conceptualization of each realm, problem-solving, and in particular world transitions; each segment is broken up into individualized teams. I primarily work on Fairyland.

collage fairy land.jpg




Into the Grove

Fairyland was characterized as a serene passage in which you meet your friendly spirit, guiding you deeper into your mind. The spirit, or Wisp, was based on the reoccurring myth, in several cultures, there are stories of a blue light or fire which leads the curious deep into the forest to become lost. In Fairyland we open on still and glassy water. It feels quite a bit like our world, but we have discovered something untouched, ancient, and mystical. The narrow mangrove channels resonate quiet power as wisps bloom, springing from trees, luring us deeper into the mesmerizing, lush forest. Finally, the spirit brings us to our destination, an ancient tree, magnetically pulling us in towards a glowing portal from a gash in its trunk. 


Inspired by natural environment, mysterious, resonant slow build increasing anticipation, calm, edgy fashion show or “Stranger Things but happy” vibe

Key Words:

Resonant, mysterious, nature, anticipation, dulcet, abstract

Inspiration and Ideation

With the name “fairyland” the mind immediately leaps to cartoonish characters but it was our goal to create something more believable in our world. Instead we pulled from the unusual side of nature: bioluminescent plants and unusual, brightly colored mushrooms that grew in all sorts of formations. From there we looked into natural sculpture in particular Andrew Goldsworthy, and his temporary, entirely natural sculptures. We figured that creating something made of nature in a way that seemed unnatural was the best way to achieve a look of something that was not quite of this plane.



Once we decided on a direction we dove into the storyboard. Many years ago, I went on a trip to the Everglades; it was beautiful bit scary and so far removed from society you could just imagine something magical living there. This became the setting for our journey to begin.

The beginning a fairy land set some stage for the entire journey. In the beginning There are no elaborate costumes or dresses. Instead we open up on still water, beautiful and crystal clear. We're guiding it along the channel as if something is drawing us. as we travel deeper into the forest we discover it should become more unusually wild as we are introduced to our version of the ferry, the Wisp. this is our guy pulling us further in and introducing us to our main theme, the tree of life that connects all worlds and once we enter we are pulled through on our fantastical ride of creativity.


The Wisp

The Wisp

With the concept of the wisp out of the way, all there was left was the character of design. This came from a combination of the original source material, the description of something blue and floating just beyond what your vision allowed, and the concept of the wild fairyland. The wisp was going to be something unassuming, something that you could easily overlook if you didn't know it was a “fairy.” It went through several iterations looking like jellyfish others like mushrooms; some took on the likeness of elements, exotic plants and every combination in between. The final iterations boiled down to the unusual combinations of plants; to look unassuming during the day or when at rest, only to bloom in brilliant blue light and revealed that it is not just a plant growing on a branch but something much more mysterious.




3D modeling by Alex Campbell
Untitled-Artwork (5)_edited.png
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