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Nature's Window

I created Nature’s Window out of a curiosity to project onto different textures. Using an empty picture frame and wire mesh, I attached white moss along the corners and a large branch for depth. In order to test out even more textures, I added Spanish moss and live air plants to the design.

When designing the projections for this piece, I wanted it to feel like a portal into nature that was reaching out to the audience. By drawing out masks, I was able to section the design out. The center focuses projected on the screening primarily utilizing landscape or full shots of the outdoors, representing where the portal was to. The other sections, the moss, and the air plants served as vibrant textures and small vignettes of nature, reaching out to the audience.  The design as a whole was supposed to feel like a soft relaxing escape for when you are trapped inside.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was originally “Baden Verboten,” a clip from an old silent film, before I started experimenting with how I could distort footage with various alternative techniques.

Designed as a multi panel layout; each design seek to distort the footage in a different way, reassemble and present them in another way. Various techniques  differ from as simple as turning up the contrast, to non-simulated glitches and video feedback loops to create variety within a short span of repeated footage.

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