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DnD Podcast Brand Identity

Untold Realms, a “DnD” style podcast, beckons you into a mesmerizing realm, transcending the boundaries of mere storytelling to immerse you in a vivid tapestry of fantastical narratives. Crafted by the collaboration of writers and voice actors, Untold Realms serves as a portal to a world brimming with the magic of improvisational storytelling and the camaraderie of friends. Each episode unfolds like a treasured tome, weaving together intricate plots and lighthearted banter, ensuring an enchanting experience every week since 2022. With over 210 hours of captivating content and counting, Untold Realms has captured the hearts of adventurers far and wide

Lucky enough to consider one of the hosts a close and personal friend, I was tasked with updating the Podcast’s logo and developing it as a branding system. The challenge was to utilize the original design composed of the iconic D20 die combined with the enigmatic Mystic Eye and refine it into a distinctive emblem with an array of adaptable layouts for diverse applications.


The final design embellished on the curiosity and adventure told within the series. The colors are more bold and subtle texter suggests the topography of the map we are exploring.  Drawing inspiration from the boundless imagination of “dnd” and the allure of fantasy realms, the design also embraces the rugged modern design of the National Park Service aesthetic, bridging the realms of our world and theirs seamlessly.



The D20 is a universally recognized icon of the DnD community, combined with the Mystic Eye and the map-like typography distinguishes it as a visual moniker for the Untold Realms Podcast. The Icon, without the logotype, is best suited for smaller formats such as social media. 


The Emblems are designed to be illustrative and show off the most information. Appearing in two formats, First with just the podcast name and the Second including the campaign name, they are best suited for large format application such as merchandise and webpage layout.

combination mark .png


The Extended Combination Mark is design to be the primary logo, to be used whenever space allows is. It is design primarily for website banners and print.


The Stacked Compination Mark should only be used when there is not space for the Extended Cobination Mark, and is best suited for smaller applications.

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