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In contrast to much of her work, Gigi is one of Colette's most light-hearted stories. An early coming of age story, it is a book that deserves recognition once again. this was the thinking behind the fictitious relaunch and cover design as Gigi. looking to modernize and bring life to this literary classic, the redesign for the cover was meant to say more about the book than previous designs and introduce the novel to a younger audience.

Conceptual Cover Design Relaunch

book design

Gigi is a girl who is constricted not only by the typical rules of society but also by the expectations of her aunts. This became the main theme surround the reimagined re-launch of the English version of the book. Gigi is a wondrously exuberant and roguish young girl, but life has corseted her tightly to fit into the role society has constrained her to. The cover shows Gigi tightly bound by the rules and expectations, yet straining to break free and burst forth in her true manner.   

Is reflected as the rules of society and her guardians are inscribed on the corset she is bound into. She is pale petite and elegant everything a lady is supposed to be but her wild carefree attitude bursts forth in the ribbons that refused to stay done inscribing her name.

Cover Concept

The back cover is designed to explore the playfulness of the novella as well as reflect Gigi’s resistance to conformity. Using looping ribbons to draw the eye along the grid, it breaks up the rigidity of the structure. Additionally, the ribbons and lace pattern are added as a playful nod to the cover. On the back, the colors are slightly more playful. this, combined with the more dynamic placement of elements is representational of Gigi's true nature and chaotic spirit.

Back Cover Design

The layout of the front and back flaps were designed so that they would not distract from the text. Instead of the whimsically detailed cover layout, they were designed with an emphasis on hierarchy leading you into the reading. Detailed simply with a change in scale and type treatment; the name at the beginning of either paragraph stands out and draws the eye into what could be an otherwise intimating block of text. 

Front and Back Book Flap Design

 Book Spine Design

The spine was designed to leap out at the viewer when pressed amongst the various other works within any given bookcase. With bold and simple graphics, it grabs your attention while retaining the feel and playfulness of the cover and keeping within the set color pallet. 

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