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Today’s movies scare us with impressive CGI, in the 80s slashers were churned out like popcorn in theaters, topped off with buckets of blood. Despite the glut we find in our horror movie Netflix que; we still return to the horror classics for everything from inspiration to the monsters portrayed in them.

Behind the Silver Screams dives deeper and takes a look at the men who made the monsters and the stories beyond the camera. It pays homage to the classics; we see them as cheesy and low budget but they couldn’t just rely on good effects. Instead they got creative and drew on good storytelling and marketing to create suspenseful movies that stay with you for weeks. Silver Screams looks into the psychology determining who the real monster is. Address the difficulties faced in creating the movie, including not only the technical aspect but the additional outside forces, and finally it will reveal why we still know them today.


Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty of the Great Depression, Mohawk made its first mark when George O'Connor risked it all by buying bankrupt paper mill in Upstate New York. Believing that the craft and its people were worth saving, he embarked to create paper to be as“enduring and unique as it was well-crafted and beautiful.” With this philosophy in mind Mohawk now serves the need of designers across the globe. Built on honesty trust and respect, because they too are makers.

Monster films are not too far off from that philosophy. Well they might not have the high budget qualities movies of today do, their makers had a love for their craft, enduring hardships and finding unique solutions that have made their movies stand the test of time. Behind the silver screams reveals their labor of love all the effort that went in to the movies we consider classics. Not only does this work showcase Mohawk’s beautiful paper, but is a prime example of their own beliefs. 

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