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Conceptual Title Sequence Design

Years in the future after the 4th World War there is a young cyborg girl named Cinder. It has been years since the last war and the world has been rebuilt but remains imperfect. Simultaneously, much and very little has changed from what we know now. We have moved on making great strides in technology and still have our attachment to the past but we are just as cemented in our suspicion of others who are not like us and our fear of what we cannot control, especial in the midst of a pandemic with the threat of war looming overhead.

Cinder is a compelling story that blends styles of the romanticized past and whimsical fairy tales with harsh technology and futuristic problems. With this in mind, the title sequence sets the stage, revealing key elements to the story as if they were illustrations in a fairytale. This effect is achieved by banding many layers to create a false sense of depth, inspired by the Netflix Jessica Jones opening sequence. As a final flourish, the title reveal is a modified typeface, designed to create cohesion between the stark technology and the warm embellishments of storybook hand lettering.

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